I will explain in detail how to enter credit card information.

Payment will be by credit card, but I will explain because the last page must be difficult to understand in English.

First, after adding the item you want to purchase to the cart

Click "View the contents of the cart"

After checking the contents, click "Proceed to check-in"

Fill in "Delivery Information" in Japanese and click "Next"

Click "Next" for the shipping method

Fill in the billing address for "Payment Method" (click the box next to the same address as the delivery address

Please check) And click "Next"

"Confirm order details" Click "Purchase" when confirmed

Then, the page for entering credit card information will be displayed. Please fill in the sample with reference to the sample below.

First name last name

Card number

Valid month Valid year 3 digit number on the back of the card

After entering, click the green Submit at the bottom right


This is the end .