Apply for CBD product ingredient inspection

Euphora also outsources component inspections for CBD products.

We will deliver the ingredient inspection, which is indispensable for product importers and wholesalers and manufacturers who want to check the safety of CBD products, at the lowest price in Japan at $ 250.

The inspection agency is SC Labs, which has earned the trust of the industry in the United States. A trusted lab that has been requesting Euphora CBD product inspection for years. Normally, we will send you a component inspection report about 2 weeks after your application, but please understand that the postal situation is currently slow and it takes more than a month due to the influence of corona.

1 Fill out the application form.

2 Payment We will send you an invoice of the amount according to the inspection contents.

3 Preparation of sample Please mail the sample to Euphora Japan in Japan.

4 Specimens are mailed from Euphora Japan to Euphora in the United States and immediately delivered to the laboratory.

5 You will receive an analysis and inspection report by email.    


Inspection Type and Price

Cannabinoid Component Analysis $ 250

Microbial Analysis $ 250

Heavy Metal Analysis $ 250

Pesticide Residue Analysis $ 350

Sample Size Required for Testing

Isolate 2 grams

Distillate  2 grams

Liquid 2 grams

Flower 5 grams

Oil/Butter 10 grams

Edible 10 grams

Balm 10 grams

Terpenes 2mL